140 years of milling

The Conqueror Flour Mill building has been a landmark in Cootamundra for more than 100 years.

Patrick Scott and Michael Mullaly, who lived in the mill house across the road, established the first mill on the site in 1875.

In 1890, a group of local grain producers and businessmen created a new business named the Cootamundra Co-operative Milling Company, which refitted the mill at a cost of more than £10,000.

David Stratton, an enterprising Irishman who had previously operated flourmills in Bendigo, Ballarat and Echuca, purchased the business three years later.

In 1914, the original mill was replaced with the current four-storey red brick building featuring the Conqueror Flour and Stratton and Sons logos.

Other improvements over the years included a rice mill (1941), a stockfeed mill (1943) and a rolled oats mill and two concrete silos (1952).

The mill was operated by three generations of the Stratton family until it was sold to Clifford Love & Co, the then manufacturers of Uncle Toby’s Oats, in 1966.

M.C. Croker Pty Ltd, a family-owned grain marketing business, purchased the complex in 1984 and expanded its storage operations to include cereals, oilseeds and pulses.

Since then, the complex has been significantly redeveloped to include a lupin de-hulling plant (1994), a palletisation plant (2001) and a new silo complex (2004).

In 2006, the mill was renamed Conqueror Milling Company and commenced trading as a stand-alone business division of Croker Grain.


First Flour mill established by PH Scott and MJ Mullaly


Acquisition by Cootamundra Co-operative Milling Company


Acquisition by Stratton and Sons


Construction of four-storey Conqueror Flour Mill Building


Installation of rice mill


Installation of first feed mill


Construction of rolled oats mill and concrete silos


Acquisition by Clifford Love & Co


Acquisition by M.C. Croker Pty Ltd


Installation of lupin de-hulling plant


Installation of palletisation plant


First export of fibre pellets to Korea and lupin meal to Japan


Installation of 12 x 125 tonne silos


Upgrading of palletisation plant


Renamed Conqueror Milling Company


First export of faba bean meal to Japan

World-class quality assurance

Conqueror Milling Company is committed to innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of its business, including organisational performance, quality and safety.

We utilise state-of-the-art technology and quality assurance processes to ensure our products comply with customer specifications and world-class Australian standards.

Conqueror Milling Company is fully compliant with FeedSafe, the feedmilling industry’s code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Developed owned and managed by the Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia, this program was approved by the Australian Veterinary Committee in 2002.

Conqueror Feed Milling also implements a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program to ensure food safety from the paddock to the plate.

  Feedsafe SFMCA logo

Exporting to the world

Conqueror Milling Company has a long history in the export of vegetable protein meal and stockfeed ingredients.

Over the years, we’ve exported lupin and faba bean meal to Japan for use in aquaculture feeds, fibre pellets to Korea for use in beef and dairy feeds and dairy pellets to New Zealand.

Conqueror Milling Company is conveniently located midway between Sydney and Melbourne, providing ready access to road, rail and shipping infrastructure.

Our sister company, Croker Grain, has considerable experience in the export of grains, stockfeed ingredients and vegetable protein meal, both in bulk or containers.

Combined, Conqueror Milling Company and Croker Grain consign more than 4000 containers to a range of export markets in Asia and Europe each year.

The best ingredients

Conqueror Milling Company is situated in Cootamundra in southern NSW, which is one of Australia’s largest producers of cereal, oilseed and pulse crops.

We use only the very best ingredients in our stock feeds, including wheat, barley, triticale, lupins, faba bean hulls, almond hulls, oat hulls, soya meal, canola meal and mill mix.

All formulations contain a range of other quality feed ingredients, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimum health and performance.

All Conqueror Milling Company stock feeds and vegetable protein meals are certified GM-free and do not contain antibiotics or restricted animal material (RAM).

The capacity to deliver

Conqueror Milling Company produces about 30,000 tonnes of high quality stockfeed and vegetable protein meal at Cootamundra.

Our site has its own palletisation plant, de-hulling plant and a storage capacity of 12,500 tonnes.

In addition, our sister company, Croker Grain, operates storage sites at Marrar, Ladysmith, Henty and Widgelli with a total capacity of 92,500 tonnes.

Stored grains include wheat, barley, oats, triticale, canola, lupins, faba beans, field peas, chickpeas, maize and monola.

conqueror milling map

Conqueror Milling Company – Cootamundra

Stockfeed manufacturing (pellets and licks)
Vegetable protein meal processing
12,500 tonne grain storage

Croker Grain – Marrar

Export container packing complex
Grain cleaning
80,000 tonne grain storage
2,000 tonne fertiliser storage

Croker Grain – Ladysmith

4,000 tonne grain storage

Croker Grain – Henty

17,000 tonne grain storage
1,000 tonne fertiliser storage

Croker Grain – Widgelli

14,000 tonne grain storage (expanding to 50,000 tonne in 2016)

Grainpac – Melbourne

Export container packing complex
180,000 tonne capacity per year

A local family-owned business

Conqueror Milling Company is a family-owned business.

Our sister company, MC Croker Pty Ltd (trading as Croker Grain), is a leader in the storage, marketing and value-adding of cereals, oilseeds and pulses in southern New South Wales.

Croker Grain is also a major supplier of phosphate, nitrogen and other fertilisers to growers throughout southern NSW.

Conqueror Milling Company and Croker Grain are major suppliers of grain, stockfeed and vegetable protein to livestock producers, stockfeed manufacturers and food processors throughout Australia and overseas.

Visit the Croker Grain website

Your local source of quality stock feeds

Conqueror Milling Company has been manufacturing high quality stockfeed and vegetable protein meal for a range of Australian and international markets since 1984.

Our product range includes pellets and licks specially formulated for beef, dairy, sheep, horses, poultry and alpacas.

These products are available in 20 kg bags, one tonne ‘bulka’ bags and bulk, which can be sourced from direct or via leading rural supply centres throughout NSW and ACT.

We also supply a range of grain mixes, mash mixes and grain/pellet blends to the dairy industry.

We provide professional and personalised customer service, backed by expert knowledge.

Our overriding goal is to provide a service that consistently meets or exceeds our customers’ specified needs and expectations.

For stockfeed products sales inquiries, contact:

Conqueror Milling Company

P +61 2 6942 2633

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Contact Us

Contact Conqueror Milling Company directly for all your bulk stockfeed and vegetable protein meal requirements:

2690 NSW

PO BOX 345
2690 NSW

OFFICE +61 2 6942 2633
FAX +61 2 6942 4157

0419 339 990

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Contact the following rural supply and stockfeed centres for packaged stock feeds:

Town Outlet Phone number
ADELONG Elders 02 6946 2028
BRAIDWOOD Landmark 02 4842 2405
BUNGENDORE Bungendore Rural Services 02 6238 1517
COOLAC Coolac Store 02 6945 3208
COOMA Landmark 02 6452 6565
COOTAMUNDRA Landmark 02 6942 2122
COWRA Cowra Seed & Grain 02 6341 3300
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MANGOPLAH AGnVET Services 02 6928 5791
MANGOPLAH Mangoplah Farm Centre 02 6928 5791
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WAGGA WAGGA Riverina Co-Op 02 6937 9200
YASS Hardware Rural & Garden 02 6226 1875
YASS Landmark 02 6226 1777

A leading supplier of vegetable protein meal

Conqueror Milling Company has more than 20 years’ experience in processing vegetable protein meal, including lupins and faba beans.

Vegetable protein meal is a high quality, cost-effective source of protein for use in stock feeds, offering a good amino acid profile, durability during palletisation and long storage life.

It is presented in a fine granular form for easy handling and improved digestibility.

Conqueror Milling Company has long-standing contracts with many leading Australian stockfeed manufacturers and intensive livestock producers.

We’re also a major supplier of vegetable protein meal to the aquaculture industry for use in salmon, kingfish and prawn feeds.

Our vegetable protein meal is processed and stored using world-class Australian quality standards.

All sources are certified GMO-free and do not contain antibiotics or restricted animal material (RAM).

Conqueror Dehulled Faba Meal

A rich source of protein (26%) suitable for use in a range of stock feeds, including poultry and aquaculture.


More information.

Conqueror Dehulled Lupin Meal

A rich source of protein (40%) suitable for use in a range of stock feeds, including poultry and aquaculture.


More information.